The infamous Strictly curse has become a well-known term in the Strictly Come Dancing world because the BBC show has seen the beginning and the end of plenty of relationships. From break ups, divorces, marriages and affair rumours the dancers and celebrities have seen it all. Over the years we’ve seen happy things come from the show; Kristina Rihanoff and Ben Cohen’s relationship blossomed so much so they’re parents. The shocking split came shortly after Louise’s stint on Strictly Come Dancing back in , she later revealed her outlook changed after her co-star Daisy Lowe boosted her confidence. Sometimes I felt like crying because deep down inside me this voice was screaming ‘This is what I have been missing! Natasha and Brendan never confirmed they were romantically involved. View Gallery14 photos Getty Images 2.

How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Away in the Hudson Valley

Episode 1 The new series with old favourites and new cast members. In the opening episode Binky and JP have some exciting news to share with their Chelsea friends. Strong language and some scenes that have been created for you entertainment Suitable for ages 15 and over Language: Episode 2 As some of the Chelsea gang head to Mauritius, there’s trouble in paradise for Tiff, who starts to wonder if she and Sam want different things out of their relationship Some scenes that have been created for your entertainment Suitable for ages 15 and over Language:

Nov 23,  · Who’s sharing Jamie’s bed this week? Made in Chelsea’s very own vlogger, Jamie Laing, shares a bed with mystery guests. Expect saucy bedroom chat, spooning and challenges.

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Alik Alfus

Share this article Share When the news was announced on Twitter the book title was slammed by users who said it disregarded what the phrase actually means. They said the term body positive encourages people to accept and love their bodies, despite not conforming to long-accepted conventional standards of beauty. Twitter users said she had misused the term, which was originally meant to be about accepting the body you already have Now hoards of plus size and body positive Twitter users have criticised the book title, with many slamming its use on what seems to be a diet book.

Chelsea, VT Born July 21, in Barre, Vermont, to Vernon Nathaniel Hook and Eva May Rich of Chelsea, Vermont. Sylvia Hook was a dignified and gentle woman rooted in the landscape and traditions of central Vermont.

Proudlock Despite not joining Made in Chelsea until the second series , the charms and unconventional fashion sense of Oliver Proudlock, better known as simply Proudlock, has thrust him to the forefront of the show often throughout his tenure on the series. Appearing uninterrupted from the second until ninth series , Proudlock missed Made in Chelsea: LA , and took a hiatus from the series, though has appeared briefly in Series Proudlock has served on several occasions as an unintentional love rival to his close friends, notably with Caggie Dunlop as a rival to Spencer Matthews , though he later dated her cousin Alice Davidson instead, and with Sophia Sassoon to his housemate Francis Boulle.

He also clashed briefly with Jamie Laing over his secret dating of Lucy Watson. Outside of these storylines, Proudlock’s “bromances” with the other male cast members has become a popular part of the series, leading to several parodies and celebrations at End of Season episodes. Initially being part of Spencer, Jamie and Hugo Taylor ‘s group, he soon developed a close friendship with Francis, and moved in with him and Jamie, becoming “The Lost Boys.

Made in Chelsea siblings have most desirable flat on TV

None had highs and lows quite like Louise. No one confused and entertained us quite like Louise. Birthday tweets to be sent on 26 March, please.

Louise and her Made In Chelsea pals returned to our television screens on Monday night. After their successful jaunt to New York last year, this summer the SW3 gang have decamped to Los Angeles.

Jamie is left hurt when Spencer reveals that Andy has arranged a date with Jess. Stephanie arranges a girls night at her house but is forced to rearrange when Josh gives her too many rules. Nicola and Binky come face-to-face for the first time and Nicola feels Binky is being fake with her pleasantries. Louise reveals her relationship troubles to the girls as she feels Alik has changed since moving in with the boys, and Fleur still attempts to chase Andy despite him kissing Jess on their date.

Andy has some explaining to do as he agrees to go on a date with Fleur, Louise confronts Alik about her worries, and Lauren has another run-in with Stephanie. Meanwhile Andy kisses Fleur on their date, but soon realises that his true feelings are with Jess. Elsewhere Binky goes on a first date with JP, and Louise and Alik refuse to accept responsibility for their problems. With Alex away on tour, Jamie gives Jess an ultimatum after confesses his feelings towards her, but she makes a decision and goes to see Andy.

Spencer tells Andy that he’s hooked up with Louise since their break-up on Made in Chelsea

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email As she juggles an amazing career invention on stage, it seems Louise Redknapp ‘s heart isn’t straying too far from her family as reports have emerged the former pop star is looking to patch up her marriage with estranged husband Jamie Redknapp. The couple separated earlier this year after 19 years of marriage and have stayed relatively shtum on the subject. However Louise, 42, has spoken briefly about her decision to launch back into her performing career and move out of the home she shares with Jamie,

Made in Chelsea’s pint-sized reality star, Louise Thompson is prolific on social media. The loved-up pair have been dating since Louise’s split from American Alik Alfus in

Made In Chelsea Croatia: Made In Chelsea is now in its sixteenth series and it’s a very special one because the cast have jetted off to the beautiful island of Hvar in Croatia for a load of fun this summer. The likes of Sam Thompson, Jamie Laing, Olivia Bentley and all the usual regulars have jetted out of the UK seeking fun in the sun and we’re sure there’s bound to be a bit of drama thrown into the mix too.

Made In Chelsea Croatia Cast. Hvar is part of the Dalmation islands and is filled with gorgeous beaches and plenty of hotspots for the MIC cast to hang out. Where did the made In Chelsea cast visit in Croatia? With the huge amount of cool places on their doorstep in Hvar, Croatia, the Made In Chelsea cast appeared to make the most of their trip this summer by hitting up plenty bars and beachside resaturanrts.

A number of the cast shared snaps of themselves hanging out in Croatia on their Instagram accounts and revealed a few of the locations they’d visited. A post shared by Sam Thompson samthompsonuk on May 29, at

Made in Chelsea star warned over Instagram advert

If you plan on channeling Erik, I recommend you listen to some of the videos so you can memorize his voice. And now, without further ado, drum roll please we begin the much awaited channeling session which took place on the 21st of this month. I sampled many parts of the recording and got the same thing. What am I going to do? This is beyond strange.

The fourth series of Made in Chelsea, a British structured-reality television programme, began airing on 15 October on E4.

The pair were only locked in a Twitter war of words on Monday , and now Lucy – who is dating Louise’s ex Spencer Matthews – has said Louise is on the rebound with new love Andy Jordan , and would take back her cheating ex if she could. She’s just absolutely besotted by him. After branding Andy “not bland but Quizzed whether she had a crazy side, Lucy said: Spencer lies to Louise when he’s done something wrong, but, in general, he’s quite honest – he wouldn’t make something like that up.

She can’t have very much self-esteem. It’s bizarre to me – I was like that when I was 15 years old, but she’s 23 and needs to learn from this,” she added. However, in a separate interview with Heat magazine , Lucy admitted she would ditch Spencer immediately if he ever treated her like he did Louise. Lucy with boyfriend Spencer Matthews “Louise and I are very different,” she explained.

Louise Thompson: Made in Chelsea and what reality TV did to me

Laura 3 Comments As with most things, tea and the promise of crochet make things much, much better. I feared this post might have come out a little cranky, thanks to two semi-related factors. Treats are fine, but not if they make up most of your diet! The first shawl I finished from the book was the first one in the book, Never Black. After auditioning three or four different yarns, none of which quite worked for the combination of large lace and dense edging, I settled on this stunningly colour of Colinette Jitterbug.

The result is lovely.

Made in Chelsea: NYC, the spin-off series of Made in Chelsea, a British structured-reality television programme, began airing on 10 August on E4. The series .

He’s sick of making lampshades out of people’s skin, he’s thinner and he ‘hasn’t spoken to the broad Louise in two years’. He doesn’t care, he’s moving to London to be a sculptor – and NOT so he can recreate that scene in Ghost with Louise and a potting wheel. They’re at cooking school making salsa verde and discussing the tattoo that Ryan got on his wrist last week.

Neither are aware that Alik is back in town, with his wad of art school syllabuses tucked under one arm. What is this precisely? Sex on thread count Egyptian sheets on a gold Laura Ashley divan, rather than sex on a 5-year-old mattress on a flat-packed jobbie from Bensons For Beds? Mytton and Harry are helping Sam paint his new house in all-in-one decorating suits.

Harry’s is, of course, plunging. Order – Lacklustre – Dates – Sophie – Fred In order to sex up their so-far lacklustre dates, Sophie and Fred have dressed up as dinner ladies and are constructing sausages designed by Sophie herself. While this is the perfect phallic-themed exercise to flirt over, there’s just something not sparking between them. Victoria using phrases like ‘look at this chemistry fused in with the meat’ isn’t helping the process either.

Liv’s new saying is ‘you’re getting rogered on the reg’, which is a reference to Louise’s sex life. As if by magic, as Liv

Me and Louise Thompson fooling around in paradise