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I had a good time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They did not know hostilities had ended until the United States began dropping food parcels instead of bombs on the airbase next to their camp. His family went back to their house in Amherst Avenue in Shanghai and remained there until , when they returned to England. He attended The Leys School, Cambridge, which, he insisted, he survived only because of his previous exposure to the rigours of an internment camp. He had originally hoped to go on to study psychiatry, but realised that the demands of the course were leaving him no time for writing. After two years of training in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, he returned to Britain. Later that year Ballard married and moved with his wife to Shepperton. He became a professional writer and his first novel, The Drowned World, was published in His second book, The Terminal Beach, followed a year later. Ballard and his wife had three children before her sudden death from pneumonia in

Report: UC Berkeley astronomer accused of sexually harassing students resigns

I’ve seen cars where the splines on the torsion bar are rusted tight and they can’t be removed. If the splines on the torsion bar anchor points at the center of the car are damaged, I would be looking at a huge job of finding a good donor torsion bar tube and welding it into the body. More realistically, I would probably decide to condemn the whole project due to rust and part-out the car because of the importance of getting the rear suspension alignment perfect with my limited equipment.

Once marked, the torsion bar came out easily from the center splined mount but was rusted tight on the spring plate’s splines.

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The University has come under fire in recent days for defending its handling of sexual harassment complaints against the prominent astronomer Professor Geoffrey Marcy amid accusations on campus and beyond that the professor was inadequately disciplined for inappropriate behavior with students. The university has not shared details of the six-month investigation of Marcy that concluded in June when he was found to have violated campus sex harassment policies.

It resulted from complaints brought by former students and dealt with incidents dating as far back as , campus officials said. Marcy issued a public apology last week while at the same time disputing some of the allegations against him. After the probe and the nature of the complaints first were reported by BuzzFeed News on Friday, UC Berkeley said Marcy had agreed to clear parameters around his behavior with the knowledge he would be subject to automatic suspension or dismissal for any violations.

Buzzfeed News also reported more than 2, academics signed an online petition to “support the people who were targets of Geoff Marcy’s inappropriate behavior and those who have spoken publicly about it. The revelation that one of the world’s leading experts on planets outside Earth’s solar system had not been sanctioned more severely has angered some of Marcy’s colleagues and former students, including one of the four women students who filed complaints about him with the campus Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination last year.

Ballard, now a post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said her former professor talked to her about his sexual experiences as a young man and tried to give her a neck massage one time as she was getting out of his car. She told The Times she was afraid to confront Marcy or file a complaint because she needed letters of recommendation for graduate school.

Marcy posted a public apology on his web site in a letter he sought to have published in the newsletter of the American Astronomical Society’s Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy. The committee declined his request. They are there to become a successful scientist. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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By Ted Ballard | Submitted On November 14, It was like just about every other time that I went out for a night at a trendy bar in the city where I live. I went inside, got a drink, and just surveyed the scene.

Telus company was formed in by the government of Alberta as Telus Corporation, a holding company , in order to facilitate the privatization of a crown corporation , the Alberta Government Telephones Commission AGT. While the merged company chose to retain the Telus name, it moved its headquarters from Edmonton to Vancouver. In late , American telecom Verizon Communications sold its This was so that Verizon could focus more on its own services.

A labour dispute between Telus and the TWU began after the previous contract, negotiated with BCTel before the Telus merger, expired at the end of After Telus made its final offer to the TWU it informed the union of its intention to bring an end to the dispute by unilaterally implementing its April offer to employees in Alberta and British Columbia. The next day TELUS locked out all of it’s bargaining unit employees in British Columbia and Alberta, although as is common in disputes where an employer attempts to unilaterally implement a new contract TELUS consistently referred to the dispute as a “strike.

On July 25, , Telus blocked its Internet subscribers from accessing a website supporting striking union members. The company expressed concerns over content on the site, saying it identified employees crossing picket lines and encouraged disruptive behaviour, [12] while the union alleged it amounted to censorship. The site owner agreed to comply and Telus unblocked the website. The company again closed to new business in June Non-voting share conversion[ edit ] In February , Telus exchanged all non-voting shares into common shares on a one-for-one basis.

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By , Boston Pizza had 17 locations in Western Canada , 15 of which were franchised. In , he noticed the growing popularity of Boston Pizza and purchased the rights to open a restaurant in Penticton , British Columbia. While in Penticton, he met George Melville, a chartered accountant. He acted as Treliving’s business consultant for four years, and, in , became Treliving’s business partner.

Over 10 years, they opened 16 restaurants in British Columbia. The two divested 15 of their restaurants to other franchisees, converted one restaurant to a corporate training restaurant and set about establishing systems and operating standards to standardize company operations.

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Dating earth These have returned age dates of 4. Holmes’ persistence finally began to pay off inwhen the speakers at the yearly meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science came to a rough consensus that Earth was a few billion years old, and that radiometric dating was credible. Other case studies by the RATE group show dates that vary greatly depending on the sample and dating technique dating earth. About Charlotte Ballard dating earth Looks like you are dating earth an old version of Internet Explorer – Please update your browser.

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Barkley has undergone a whirlwind of minute interviews (which some compared to speed-dating) with NFL front-office personnel who are positioning themselves to draft this year’s consensus No.

Just your average day at The Office. Life can be hard sometimes. You get up early in the morning, trudge to work, deal with loads of people who have varying opinions about you, and finally go home at the end of the day. But if someone takes out their frustrations by, say, sending you flying over the cubicles with a Megaton Punch , at least you can always go to Human Resources, tell them what happened, and have the guilty party out the door, facing a lawsuit and maybe in police custody by the end of the day.

If you’re living in a television show, probably not, because in fiction there is no such thing as H. Whether it’s the Cowboy Cop decking a paper-pushing Desk Jockey who orders him to turn in his badge , the crazy boss who’s a firm believer in George Jetson Job Security , or the office’s resident Psychopathic Manchild mail clerk, it seems that Violence Really Is the Answer. If the victim’s a badass hero, the Jerk Ass co-worker who started the fight’s probably going to quickly find himself taking a dive.

If it’s the Anti-Hero doing the punching, expect his target, probably an Obstructive Bureaucrat , to also be a Sissy Villain. Just don’t expect the situation to escalate into meetings with managers and termination notices, and certainly don’t expect anyone to get arrested on assault charges. This trope stems from a certain amount of Truth in Television , at least historically: It’s also somewhat justifiable in settings where there’s no legal system for people to turn to:

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Below in alphabetical order are some of the most popular and well-known tools for wringing every last bit of information out of your raw data, and maximizing the cost of your DNA test. Apps, Extensions, Programs, and Websites: The extension especially adds a number of features to Relative Finder. The information, which includes shared segment data, is stored in a local database on your computer.

Users can download their matches, shared segments, and other data into a handy spreadsheet for further analysis. Users can compare their DNA to everyone else in the database or to a specific individual in the database, or perform numerous admixture analyses, phase their DNA, and much more. Genetic Genealogy Tools http: A terrific resource from Felix Jeyareuben Chandrakumar, an Australian software professional. The site uses the 23andme API, so users can link their 23andMe account to the service.

Imputation allows you to determine the most probable genotype for that SNP based on the surrounding SNPs and a database of known sequencing results such as the Genomes data. IMPUTE2, for example, is a computer program for phasing observed genotypes and imputing missing genotypes. BEAGLE4 is similarly performs genotype calling, genotype phasing, imputation of ungenotyped markers, and identity-by-descent segment detection. The tools include an admixture analysis, health information, and a Neanderthal calculator.

Minor Allele Program http:

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Four additional routes are scheduled to open early in It will replace the 43 Express. Marine Drive between Dundarave and Phibbs Exchange.

Corey Ballard Pint Pusher Corey is originally from North Carolina, but he displays a “bounty of accents” while working in our taproom. When asked about his future aspirations, he states that he wants to be a space pirate, and given that he’s actually from the future, this shouldn’t be too hard for him.

The Tim Horton autopsy: In Canada, Tim Horton needs no introduction. For everyone else, Horton was a bruising defenceman for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the s and s. He is better known now for his eponymous chain of donut and coffee shops that have transcended even hockey as a national totem. Horton died on Feb. For years, there had been well-founded speculation that Horton was drunk when he crashed and died.

But the police denied it at the time of the accident, and since no one else was injured in the single-vehicle crash, there was never any public inquiry. It took more than a year before I finally got the file sent to me via the Archives of Ontario. To date, this remains the most interesting document I have ever received through the open-records law. The detail is clinical and vivid — the description of what Horton was wearing, what was in his car, the grim catalogue of his massive injuries. And, the autopsy reveals, not only was Horton quite drunk — twice the legal limit, the post-mortem blood alcohol test showed — but it also appears he had been taking an amphetamine.

He was found with Dexamyl pills on his body. Dexamyl combined dextroamphetamine with amobarbital, a barbiturate, to take the edge off. It was a popular party drug in the 60s Andy Warhol popped them that had also been marketed to harried housewives before it was sensibly outlawed.

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Share this article Share ‘Where I live in Connecticut was ice a mile above my house, all the way back to the North Pole, about 15 million kilometers, that’s a big ice cube,’ he said. We’re talking about the floods of our living history. The questions is, was there a mother of all floods? A working replica of Noah’s Ark built six years ago by Johan Huibers as a testament to his faith in the Bible in Schagen, the Netherlands The animals coming were two by two: The story of Noah is described in the book of Genesis Legendary:

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